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EXIS provide since June 21 equippment from Capelec. Capelec is a manufacturer of instruments for PTI (Periodic Technical Inspection) and vehicle workshops. Find out more

Particle counter CAP3070

Manufacturer: CAPELEC

CAP3070 is a particle measurement counter cell based Extended Diffusion Charging technology. It interfaces with the whole range of CAPELEC emission equipment


  • New Technology free of soot clogging
  • Low maintenance
  • New field of precision and sensitivity
  • No operation fluids required
  • Insensitive to vibrations & chocks
  • Easy to use
  • short (1m) or long (4m) heated probe (100°C)

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The Dekati® ePNC™ is a particle counter sensor designed specifically for easy integration in Periodic Testing and Inspection (PTI) devices. This PN counter fills all requirements of the upcoming NPTI regulation for a particle number counter

  • According to RDE Regulation (EU) 2017/1154
  • Calibration as per JRC 2018 recommendation EUR 29036 EN
  • Low power consumption, ideal for battery-powered devices
  • Modules available for complete PTI particle measurement systems

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Manufacturer: ECM

Specifically designed for rapid real-time Periodic Technical Inspection (PTI) and general emissions testing, EZ-PEMS takes just a few minutes to install and thanks to its powerful and unique index method results are available after a few minutes of testing. No pre-defined test cycle is required, enabling random checks and enhanced defeat device detection rates. Incorporating accurate and reliable.NOX, PM and PN measurement capabilities. EZ-PEM’s rugged construction and compact form factor make it suitable for automotive, trucks, off-road, marine use and more

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