Equipment for particle- aerosol- and NOx-measurement

Through close cooperation with leading manufacturers, ExIS can offer the market's largest range of equipment for measuring particles and aerosols

      • Impactors
      • Specrometers
      • Particle counters
      • Dilution
      • Sensors
      • Exhaust gas measurement
      • Heated Lines
      • Test probes
      • Filter test equipment
      • Aerosol generatorers
      • Pore size analysers
      • Air quality analysers
      • Measurement stations
      • PEMS-system  

We work in Norway, Sweden and Denmark

Dekati Topas Grimm Aerosol Pegasor ELPI, ELPI+ PPS-M, Dust Decoder Model 11-D EDM180, Diluter DI-1000 DiscMini SAG410 SAG420 Partiklar Particle PM PN mg/cm3 #/cm3 Luftkvalitetsmätning Luftkvalitetsnorm MI3 Aerosol generator TSI, particle counter PM2,5 PM10 PM1 Partikelmätning Partikelmåling Pallas EDM180 ECM Testo Impaktor Impactor Air quality nano particle fine dust handhållna hand held inomhusluft utomhus luft indoor outdoor IVL Naturvårdsverket real time realtidsdata Miljökvalitetsnormer SLB fine particle measurement aerosol measurement real-time gravimetric concentration particle size distribution dry and wet stacks LDSA measurements ISO23210 Asphalt plant Cement plant Coal power plant Electric power plant atmospheric aerosol research instruments lung-deposited surface area size classified particles ISO16000-34 and ISO16000-37 Road side measurements occupational health and industrial hygiene  non-exhaust emissions brake wear, blow-by gas and tyre wear emission measurements aerosol research CVS and tailpipe sampling exhaust after-treatment devices aerosol dilution Volatile particle removers catalytic strippers Heated sampling lines Isokinetic sampling nozzles High temperature sampling probes filtration, face mask testing and aerosol spray/deposition studies

Ansiktsskydd munskydd corona filtertest filtrering KN95

cascade-impactors measure air quality particles emission from train brake aerosol dispersion measurements

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