Particles, aerosols, gases - equipment for sampling and measurement

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EXIS AB offers instruments and equipment for measuring and sampling aerosols and particles in air and other gases. We also provide service, technical support, training and measurement services linked to the equipment sold. EXIS represents several leading manufacturers of instruments and equipment.

The picture shows one of our bestsellers, Dust monitor 11-D from German Grimm Aerosol Technic. A portable real-time instrument for, among other things, TSP, PM10, PM2.5 and several important work environment parameters (IAQ)


EXIS has a large portfolio of various instruments and technical solutions for on-line measurements in industry. For example, systems for monitoring various gas components and particles in process and combustion gases.

The picture shows a system for dioxin from TCR Tecora,DECS® is an automatic sampling system, realized for permanent installation on stacks, dedicated to “long terms” Dioxins and Furans collection (PCDD/PCDF) and other POP’s.

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Measuring Instruments

EXIS AB offers several different instruments for measuring particles. We have everything from simple hand-held instruments for measuring air quality in indoor air to very advanced instruments intended primarily for research.


The picture shows one of the most advanced instruments we have in our product portfolio, ELPI + (Electric Low-Pressure Impactor) from Finnish Dekati. With this instrument, particles can be measured from 10 nm to 10 μm in real time, while the particles are captured size-separated so that they can later be analysed.

Aerosol generators

EXIS offers a large number of different types of aerosol generators. Both aerosols from solid particles and fibres (eg ASHRAE test dust) and aerosols from liquids such as Emery, DEHS and TopFog (for visualization of air currents).

The picture shows SAG 410, an aerosol generator for solid particles in accordance with ISO-5011, with a flow range from 0.5 mg / h -> 6 kg / h. Manufacturer is German Topas.

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When sampling, the gases often need to be diluted. EXIS has dilution equipment for most needs.

The picture shows an ejector diluter from Finnish Dekati, DI-1000. This is a very robust and well-proven product (one of the world's most widely used products for diluting combustion air). Made of stainless steel and approved for temperatures up to 450 C.


EXIS offers a wide range of different Impactors. Everything from impactors for filter sampling of PM2.5 and PM10 to Impactors in up to 14 steps.

The picture shows an 8-stage Andersen Cascade Impactor (MDI Metered Dose Inhalers; DPI Dry Powder Inhaler). Manufacturer is Italian TCR Tecora

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Filter test

In addition to individual instruments, EXIS also offers a large selection of test rigs for various purposes. It can be anything from testing passenger compartment filters for automated test rigs to checking face mask filter and gas masks.

The picture shows a rig - Aerosol Sensor Test System AFC 135. In addition to testing filters, this rig can be used to calibrate sensors for measuring particles (PM sensors). Manufacturer is German Topas

Sampling - Industrial emissions

How measurement of different substances and components is to be performed is governed by international and Swedish standards. EXIS has a comprehensive range of equipment for measuring many emission components such as heavy metals, dioxins, acids, mercury, methane, sulphur dioxide, nitrogen oxides and more.

The picture shows an MSSI Stack Impactor for PM10 and PM2.5 that meets the requirements of ISO-23210. Manufacturer is Italian TCR Tecora

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Samplig - Ambient Air

EXIS offers a number of different equipment for measuring and sampling air, both constant flow samplers and high-volume samplers. Wide range of different inlets such as TSP, PM1, PM2.5, PM10 and holders for different filter sizes and for adsorbents for different substances.

In the picture, DAH-80 from Swiss Digitel. An automatic air sampler for ambient air measurement of particles in accordance with the reference method EN12341. Can be charged with 15 filters that change automatically.


EXIS has a large selection of instruments and accessories for cleanrooms.

The picture shows a popular kit for validation and control of clean rooms, consisting of aerosol generator, diluter, and particle counter. Manufacturer is German Topas

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EXIS offers several different instruments that enable the sampling of bioaerosols from air.

The picture shows an innovative instrument used by several research groups. BioSpot-VIVAS from the American company Aerosol Devices gently captures particles in sizes from 10 nm -> 10 μm



We offer a wide range of sampling probes for industrial emissions and for all types of gas compositions. Tailor-made solutions can be an alternative to standard products when there is a special need.

In the picture some probes from TCR Tecora.

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Measurement and services

We perform measurements in the areas of working environment (IAQ), ambient air quality and on-board measurements on vehicles (PEMS tests).

The picture shows an EDM164 from German Grimm Aerosol Technic. This 15 kg light mobile measuring station is a very popular instrument that reports measurement values in real time. It is often used to control particle levels outside large buildings and factories (fence-line), measurement data is delivered continuously to the customer

Periodical Technical Inspection - PTI

In several countries in Europe, emissions of particles from diesel vehicles are controlled. We hope that these tests will soon also be introduced in Sweden.

Pictured is a particle counter PN Counter CAP 3070 from French Capelec. This measuring instrument is approved and certified for these tests

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EXIS provides calibration of the equipment we have in our range. We also offer different types of instruments and equipment for calibration and validation.

The picture shows a Flowcal Air for calibration of flow,  pressure and temperature. The manufacturer is TCR Tecora, and each unit comes with a traceable calibration certificate

Leasing and rent

Most of our products can be rented or leased. In these cases, we cooperate with Siemens Finans

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Contact us

If you do not find what you are looking for here on the website. Then feel free to also look at our suppliers' websites where more information is available.

For questions, we are most easily reached by phone or email. And if you want to visit us, you are welcome to our office in Gothenburg.